Tuesday, May 25, 2010

First Swim

Sometimes I think Chris may have come to earth in the wrong form, he is a fish at heart. He would spend every extra minute of every day in the water beginning with the first day of April (if I would let him). He finally convinced me to take Rylee and go swimming with him and much to my surprise it was fun! Also much to my surprise that we have a heated pool in our community (which may have been the deciding factor in the fun part seeing as how the water would have been freezing). I'm glad to know that the money we pay to our HOA isn't just for landscaping. :)

Rylee was a natural and loved the water. For her first time I was expecting to need to ease in and go slow and maybe even just introduce her to the water this time, but not for that girl. She's definitely an all or nothing girl even at 7 months of age, which could mean trouble later but is fun for now.

Chris was the most adorable dad with her and was absolutely thrilled that she liked being in the water. She was splashing and everything. Overall, definitely a successful first swim!

And did I mention that she was by far the cutest thing at the pool! Oh how I wish my legs could look cute with rolls like that!

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