Monday, November 1, 2010

Week of Halloween

My brother and sister-in-law brought their daughter Peighton to visit us two weekends ago and Jade and Peight stayed all week and Ty came back for Halloween. It was so fun to see them and have them here for Halloween. We decided to take advantage of having the girls cousins together again this Halloween.

We went to Schnepf Farms with the girls and I am only now realizing how funny it is to see all these parents taking around their overtired children trying to convince them that this is so much fun.

Exhibit A: The Carousel (which neither of the girls could get off fast enough).

Exhibit B: The Honey Bee Ride (which Peight liked more than Rylee).

Exhibit C: The constant yawns and eye rubbing that occurred while Jade and I were determined to make it worth our $12.00 per person trip :)

Although there were tears and fussing and a lot of yawning, the trip was well worth it if you ask me.

Rylee loved the pigs.

And we liked the girl's faces in the Honey Bee.

The girls loved playing in the little "park" that they had set up.

And I liked being the 6 month pregnant lady watching everyone else crawl around and go up and down slides.

And the petting zoo alone was worth it for Chris and I. I think Rylee could have stayed in with the goats all day long. She was determined she needed to touch all of them!

While Peighton was happier in dad's arms...

Or just outside of the petting zoo all thogether.

I think my most favorite part was seeing how much fun Rylee had with Chris.

In the maze...

On the rides...

and in the pumpkin patch...

I even got in on some of the lovin'

He is such and amazing dad to her and I couldn't help but sit back and smile while I watched a big 6'6 dad hold hands with the little munchkin of a daughter.

Then there came Halloween (or to most of us the night before Halloween). We had a movie projected up on the garage and passed out candy to the few trick-or-treaters we had come visit. Still filled with family, friends, and fun.

And some home made pumpkin pie thanks to Uncle Jensen!

Fun night for all!

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  1. That was such a fun week and day! totally worth the $12! I just can't believe how sweaty I was in the 80 degree weather!...California has ruined my thick skin! We miss you already and P can't stop talking about Ryee(no I didn't forget the L that is how she says it!) Love you