Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Chris has wanted a dog since before we were married. Do not even ask me why the thought even entered my mind at this point in our lives, but I thought it would be cute to get him one for his birthday (which was last month). And although I am someone that used to think it was absolutely rediculous to fly a dog in from anywhere, I am now one of those who has picked up a puppy at the airport. Chris thought we were going together to the airport on August 8 to pick the little guy up, but I surprised him and brought the puppy home on the Thursday night before. Some of you may not know, but Chris does not show his emotions on his sleeve at all and hardly ever gets excited. He is also nearly impossible to surprise. But check this out....

I think he was surprised, and he is actually showing emotion. And it is all over him. I absolutely LOVE that picture.

After having the puppy (which we named Cooper) for over a week now I am starting to feel overwhelmed simply with the thought of the puppy and the baby at the same time. I only have about 6 weeks until my due date and Cooper is so so far away from being trained.

But even with the messes in the house, the terrain markings left on the floor, and the uncoordinated long-legged animal running around in all his energy...I have to admit he is one of the cutest little things ever! And after all is said and done, he really is a sweet dog.

And he is such a cuddler.

Now he just needs to be trained. Wish us luck!

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