Sunday, October 18, 2009


Throughout everything we have had so much love and support from family and friends alike. Thanks to everybody who was there for us through it all! Here are some pictures just after she was born (literally right after she came out). All these people were waiting just behind the curtain while I was pushing.

Chris and his mom.

My mom and dad.

Uncle Jensen.

Aunt Shurlin and Shalon.

Aunt Jade.

Aunt Brook.

I feel so much closer to them all now. :)


  1. HI Kerri!!! I forgot that you had a blog until Heather reminded me...And, I'm so glad you do!


    She is absolutely perfect! Love all that hair on her sweet little head. We talked to your mom & dad and got all filled in on the details. We are so excited for you guys! Can't wait to meet her. Hope you're hanging in there through these rough first few weeks...It is hard but wonderful!

  2. Wow kerri your daughter is beautiful. i still can't believe that you're a mommy. i'm so sorry for all that you and your husband had to go through these past couple weeks with a family member passing away. that's devastating. looks like heavenly father blessed you with a daughter to temper the sadness. so happy for you and your hubby!!!