Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Firsts

This Halloween was especially fun seeing the two little girls all dressed up for the first time (remember this is Peighton's first round for holidays too). There are not many things that are better than spending a wonderful-weathered evening watching a movie on the projector with the people you love the most. The adults were lacking on the costume end of things, but I feel the two little ones made up for it.

Finishing up Peighton's costume. She was not a very happy girl.

The nose...

The whiskers...

And she's happy again!

I think my favorite may have been the leggings...

Then there was Rylee, the cute and cuddly teddy bear. It was a warm costume, which was good for outside, but was a little too much inside.

One of the few pictures I have with Rylee (thank you Jade).

But as the evening went on, she seemed to look more like an ewok. You be the judge...

Any resemblance?

All tuckered out by the end of the night.

Happy spooks to all and sweet dreams to our little one!

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  1. aww she looked so cute and so did little peighton! And you definitely have to make sure to have people take pictures with you and Rylee...I have gotten better about having some taken of Chloe and I but I am normally the one taking all the pictures too!