Sunday, February 14, 2010

Flying, Family, Friends, and Fun

We took our first trip up to Idaho with Rylee! The dreaded taking a child on a plane for the first time went SO well! Rylee did amazing and totally charmed everyone on the plane and everyone in the airport we came across. She knew just when to smile and totally melt people. She is the sweetest and happiest little girl!

We stayed with Chris's friend Ryan and his wife Cali and their son Jaxon (who is only 4 days younger than Rylee). So she got to meet the cute kid that her dad says she is betrothed to. We had a blast staying with them and it was nice because they were already on "baby schedule" which made me feel more comfortable. I went up there thinking that Rylee was doing really good sleeping anywhere from 6 to 8 hours a night. But by the second night we were there she slept 10 hours! I was absolutely amazed! We had a fun trip and got to visit a lot of people. For those of you that don't know Chris has 7 brothers and sisters that live up there not to mention the numberless nieces and nephews that we love to see as well. So Idaho is always a busy but very rewarding trip for us.

Rylee and I got to share an "Idaho first" experience when we went to McCall. It was absolutely beautiful and totally cold! We were lucky enough to be there when they were having their Winter Carnival where they have people come from all over to do ice carvings which are absolutely incredible!

We left Boise (it's about a 2 hour drive) thinking we would get there in time to eat breakfast at the pancake house. And we did, along with every other person in McCall so we waited about 2 hours for a table. Luckily, we had Cali and Jaxon with us and we used the babies as entertainment while we waited.

Jaxon is a total stud, and although he's 4 days younger he is still about 2 pounds heavier and at least 2 inches longer.

Cali was telling us that Ryan had "the talk" with Jaxon before we came up that he and Rylee couldn't sleep in the same room and that he had to leave the room when she was getting her diaper changed, and they couldn't hold hands yet. So Chris and Cali were having a fun time making them hold hands and being as close as possible.

I can get lost in these big beautiful eyes! When life seems hard and I'm tempted to give up all I need is a good look into these eyes along with a smile to give me a wonderful pick-me-up.

Dad and Rylee bundled (well Rylee and mom bundled and dad in a sweater) and ready to walk!

This is the first cool ice sculpture (or snow sculpture rather) that we came across. My favorite part of this picture is that fact that Chris has a wonderful smile and doesn't even know that Rylee's face is covered.

He busted up laughing when he realized what we were trying to say. The next one makes a better picture but the picture above is priceless.

This was one of the other cool sculptures (among the many).

There was a lot of traffic headed out of McCall as we were walking into town. And people were pointing at Rylee admiring her as they drove by. I have to admit, she is pretty adorable.

This was really the first time since that first week Rylee was born that Chris got to spend 5 solid days with both of us. It was fun to see he and Rylee bond. The are good little buddies.

Thanks to Cali this is the first good and fun family picture we have so far with all of us (well...minus Cooper).

Cali did McCall the smarter way... a stroller and a nice warm bundling outfit for Jaxon.

Back at Cali and Ryan's we liked to let Rylee and Jaxon "find" eachother.

Jaxon was helping show Rylee how to hold her head up high during "tummy time".

There was a slight delay for the plane headed home and she was still happy as can be. We're so glad she's such a good traveler.

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  1. What a fun trip! I'm sure you're glad to be out of the snow though!