Sunday, February 14, 2010

Going, Going, GONE

The DeWitt stables had one of their auctions a couple of weekends ago and although we aren't interested in buying any horses or mules it's still a fun experience that I wanted our little family to have (Chris has never been). Brook was helping with the auction and did a wonderful job if I do say so myself.

My mom got a few things, this cute bucket being one of them.

And my dad got a what every man dreams of getting....a tractor! Random I know (picture soon to come).

We got to see our good family friends Andy and Jodee Seehagen who came down to help.

And got to see all sorts of things to do with horses like saddles

and boot spurs

And the orange groves (not really a horse thing, but pretty none the less)

And Rylee was totally into it and showed off only some of her many faces.

And for being so tired she was still so happy and fun.

She's getting so big so fast!

We had such a happy day and a fun experience!

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