Monday, July 6, 2009

What Growing Pains?

As you move through different stages in life, you realize that you change and adapt to what is going on. Today was one of those moments when I realized Chris and I are getting "more mature" and adapting to the responsibilities of being home owners and soon-to-be parents. I ordered a vacuum last week and Chris has been so excited to get it. Keep in mind, this is no average or ordinary vacuum. It is the Dyson DC28 Animal.

Today we drove home and as we drove in front of our house he saw a big box and started shouting "Let me out! Let me out! Let me out!" He gave me just enough time to bring the car to a stop so that he could jump out and grab the vacuum. It was absolutely hilarious. Welcome the Dyson Animal with the Air Muscle. Our carpets are already cleaner than they have been in the last 3 months. Ah...the joys and entertainment of growing up!


  1. I am drooling right have know idea the obsession I have with vacuuming and vacuum lines! Oh it brings me such joy!

    And yes it is hilarious what we find joy in as we grow older!

  2. Haha that is hilarious...especially since when we were shopping for vaccums the other day it was like shopping for a christmas present.I didn't know you guys had a's so cute, and makes me want to take a trip to Canada! haha